Cookery Contest "Traditional dishes"


"Traditional dishes"

Age category: age 11-18, undergraduates, teachers

International Online Cookery Contest "Traditional dishes" with a quick result for students 11-18 years old, undergraduates  and teachers. Participants are invited to answer 15 questions with answer options. There is no time limit. Participation in the contest is free, after registration, you can order certificates for the participant and for the teacher.


Last participants


Tiziano Proverbio GonzálezUruguay Nueva Helvecia15 из 15
Diego Proverbio De FreitasUruguay Nueva Helvecia14 из 15
Taniya TeotiaIndia Mumbai14 из 15
Taniya TeotiaIndia Mumbai14 из 15
HadiyabonuUzbekistan Namangan14 из 15
Ефремов СемëнRussia Село Аккиреево8 из 15
Гейдаров МаксимRussia Железногорск14 из 15
Malikabonu KarimovaUzbekistan tashkent15 из 15
Eshmurodova SevinchUzbekistan Jizzakh15 из 15
Toshpulatov BakhtiyorUzbekistan Jizzakh14 из 15
Muxtorova MadinaUzbekistan Jizzakh15 из 15
Mamatqulova AzizaUzbekistan Jizzakh13 из 15
Tojiboyeva ShahnozaUzbekistan Jizzakh10 из 15
Mamarajabov YoqubjonUzbekistan Jizzax 8 из 15
Eshmurodova DurdonaUzbekistan Djizakh15 из 15
Eshbekova LazizaUzbekistan Jizzakh14 из 15
Begaliyeva ShaxnozaUzbekistan Jizzakh11 из 15
Dani Silva PraçaBrazil rio de janeiro15 из 15
Raxmatullayeva SaidaUzbekistan Jizzakh14 из 15
Rustamova Zohida ZafarovnaUzbekistan Jizzakh13 из 15