1. How much does participation in the contest cost?

    Participation in contests is free. Payment is made only for award certificates.
  2. How much is the administation fee for the preparation of award certificates?

    The administation fee for the preparation is €3. This fee includes a certificate of participation and a certificate of teacher in electronic form.
  3. How to participate in the competition?

    To take part, you need to choose a contest. Next you need to choose your age category. After completing the contest, you need to check your answers. If everything is correct, then you fill in the participant’s registration form. Carefully indicate all the data because they will be used to enter the results into the protocol and prepare award certificates. If a mistake was made, then it can be corrected. After registration of the award certificates, corrections will not be available.
  4. How to pay administation fee for award certificates?

    There are two ways to pay the administation fee for the preparation of award certificates.
    1. You can pay the administation fee immediately after completing registration in the contest or later from the page of award materials, which will be available from your personal account. At the bottom of the page there will be a payment form.
    2. You can pay the registration fee from the wallet in the Erudite.Online system. To do this, you need to log in. If there are enough funds on the wallet, then at the bottom of the page, in addition to the form of payment, the link "Pay certificates from the Erudite.Online wallet" will be available.
  5. How to download certificates?

    Award certificates will be available in your personal account. The storage period for certificates on the site is 1 year.
  6. How to find my certificates if I do not have a My Account?

    If the Personal Account has not been registered, then you can find your results on the Search page.
  7. Do I need to register a personal account for each participant?

    It's not obligatory.

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