Contest Rules

  1. Everyone can take part in the contest: preschoolers, students, teachers and parents.
  2. Participation in the contests is free, you pay only for the preparation of award certificates.
  3. Participants receive electronic certificates.
  4. Depending on the number of correct answers, the winner (I, II and III place) receives a Certificate of Distinction, and the participant receives a Certificate of Achievement. The teacher who prepared the participant receives a Certificate of Appreciation.
  5. Results are automatically calculated.
  6. The cost of preparing award certificates is €3. The award certificates include both teacher certificate and participant certificate. All award materials have unique identifiers (serial numbers).
  7. Payment is made only through the proposed payment service or from the Erudite-online wallet after passing the selected contest. Payment methods available on the payment system page. You will see the full list on the page of the payment system.
  8. You can participate in any contest repeatedly (however, questions and answers may automatically change).
  9. The number of certificates received is not limited.
  10. Results of participation and certificates are available immediately after the contest. Participants can view their results and download certificates in the Personal Account. If the Personal Account has not been registered, then you can find your results on the Search page.
  11. View the results of the other participants on the Result page.
  12. Certificates are stored on the site for a year.
Sample Winner Certificate:
Sample Participant Certificate:

Sample Teacher certificate:

Certificate Design Options: